I'm Florian, a genderqueer demi-boy/demi-god, pretentious, arty, queer personnything from Bristol, England. If you wish me to see a post tag it androgynous space demon with no hyphens.
I'm a massive selfie whore and use text posts to process my thoughts. I am a stupid Oscar Wilde wannabe.
I love Cats, Glitter, Art and Art history, Make-up, Records music, Bowie,Noel Fielding, Music, Edgar Allan Poe, fashion




Hairless baby!

lil angel! 

holy shit, give me it.

My three favourite pictures so far from my shoot on sunday around Bristol.

Photographer: Megsy V Photography. 

Model, MUA, Styling: Florie Stardust.

Please don’t remove the credits x


Adam Ant featured in Flexipop magazine, 1981. (x)

hello, if you send an email to the guardian they'll change your pronouns :)

Aw, good idea! Thanks anon! :)

Urgh TW: ED and alcohol mention but nothing about addiction or anything just my own weird brain things. very boring post as usual as I have nowhere else to vent. 

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Kate Bush's first Before the Dawn – news from the gig as it happened

I’m n this near the end, they got my pronouns wrong though so now I’m moping because I’m sick of getting read as female, woo Kate Bush though. And if the rumours are true I’ve been in the same building as her and David Bowie, some guys next to me spotted brian eno but I tried to get  a sneaky look and couldn’t see him.

Thinking of stopping drinking for not great reasons you’d think that that kind of thing would be a positive healthy lifestyle choice but urgh feeling fed up.

Merch!!! There goes a tenner, or more!

Nosferatu (1922)

The garden of a bar in Hammersmith!

Hammersmith horror.

Me and mum ‘moving’ off from the bus station #katebushlive


Salvador’s Dali Rare, Erotic Vintage Cookbook 

Les Diners de Gala

“When I was six years old,” Salvador Dalí once professed, “I wanted to be a cook.” But it wasn’t until his late sixties that he channeled his childhood fantasy into Les Diners de Gala(public library) — a lavishly illustrated cookbook, originally published in 1973 and featuring Dalí’s intensely erotic etchings and paintings. The twelve chapters each cover a specific class of dishes — from exotic courses to fish and shellfish to vegetables — rendered with a surrealist twist both gastronomically and aesthetically, but nowhere more so than in the tenth chapter, dedicated to aphrodisiacs. (by Maria Popova)