I'm Florian, a genderqueer demi-boy/demi-god, pretentious, arty, queer personnything from Bristol, England. If you wish me to see a post tag it androgynous space demon with no hyphens.
I'm a massive selfie whore and use text posts to process my thoughts. I am a stupid Oscar Wilde wannabe.
I love Cats, Glitter, Art and Art history, Make-up, Records music, Bowie,Noel Fielding, Music, Edgar Allan Poe, fashion

My necklace just arrived! It’s the Alchemy Gothic Ankh of The Dead. 

This is my second necklace similar or a replica to one worn my David Bowie, the other being my Labyrinth one.

I  love it, I was a bit worried it would be absolutely giant. 

I want to dress super 80s and pretend to be in The Hunger! 

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