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I finally went to a goth club. They played lots of songs I liked and I was drunk so I was happy. I was also surprisingly sociable.

  1. walkingintowishful said: Oh yay, I’m glad to hear you had a good time!
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    Where the fuck are they in North Carolina is what I want to know. Is there a directory? Hahaha.
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    I badly want to go to a goth club again, but there are none in my area. “Course, I’ve no time these days anyhow XD
  5. theinkblotonthecorner said: You described the exact opposite of my average experience at my local goth club…
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    I look forward to you.
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    Oh my god, yes go. They’re generally the only ones I go to. So pleasant. ♥
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    Mental note: "Go to Goth Club." I’ve never been to one, this ridiculous.
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